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Mixes on the Run

Yep, I've wasted more time in my life and cooked up two more mix CD-R's. Not that anyone cares. I can't make just one when two have beautiful symmetry. Actually, I'm not 100% sold on these mixes; a few more listens are needed.

-Feel Good for Now-

Johnny Pate "Auto Chase" (from -Brother on the Run- soundtrack)
the White Stripes "Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me?"
the Neats "6"
the Danielson Family "A No No"
the Fairfield Four "I'll Be So Happy"
People Like Us "Swinglargo"
Dizzy Gillespe "Oh Lady Be Good"
Nikka Costa "Like a Feather"
the Social Climbers "Hello Texas"
the Rip Tides "Machine Gun"
Devo "Blockhead"
Neutral Milk Hotel "Everything Is"
Ornette Coleman "Tears Inside"
Damon and Naomi with Ghost "The New World"
the Soul Children "The Sweeter He Is (Parts 1 and 2)
Todd Rundgren "The Verb 'To Love'"
the Radio Sweethearts "We're Falling Out of Love Again"
Jimmie Lee "Look What Love Can Do"
Jennifer Trynin "Better Than Nothing"
the Friendly Hopefuls "Salute the Punks of 1976"

That last track is a "Stars on 45" type medley of UK punk hits (no lie!). Yeah, it's real, recorded in the 80's in England. The first track is great 70's movie funk. The Jimmie Lee track is a nice Everly Brothers style rockabilly harmony record from the late 50's sometime. The Dizzy Gillespe cut is an actual vocal from the jazz great (courtesy of the -American Splendor- soundtrack). "Everything Is" is Neutral Hotel's first (non-LP) single. The Devo is an early recording - one of their best.


Frank Sinatra "Someone to Watch Over Me"
Jimmy Castor "Poor Loser"
Scritti Politti "The Sweetest Girl"
Bjork "Human Behavior"
Gerty Farish "Kiki Riki"
Suicide "Dream Baby Dream"
the Dishes "Shotgun"
the Montanas "That's When Happiness Begins"
the Salvation Army "She Turns to Flowers"
Holly Golightly "I Can't Be Trusted"
Blind Willie McTell "Talking to Your Mama"
Elliot Smith "Division Day"
the Cryers "Shake It Up (Isn't It Time)"
the Jean Paul Sarte Experience "Block"
the Bar Kays "Holy Ghost"
Ennio Morricone "Ad Ogni Costo (At Any Cost)"
Dave Dudley "Six Days on the Road"
Richard Hell and the Voidoids "I'm Your Man"
the Lapse "Secondhand Smoke"
Steve Hillage "It's All Too Much"
Able Tasmans "Sour Queen"
DM3 "TV Sound"

Too many late 70's New York punk classics on this one. Too much 70's, period. Also, too many the's. Hillage is covering the great not-so-well-known psychedelic Beatles classic from the -Yellow Submarine- soundtrack. "TV Sound" is one of the great power pop hits most people have't heard from one of the great power pop bands most people haven't heard of (in the US, anyway. The DM3 are Austrailian). The Elliot Smith cut is a semi-rare single he recorded for an indie label after signing to a major. Salvation Army was the original name of the 3 O'Clock (guess who forced them to change it?)
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