@#$%&!!! (_rawrrr) wrote in mixup,

shake it like a polaroid picture
i. a.r.e weapons-headbanger face
ii. outkast-hey ya
iii. le tigre-deceptacon
iv. the faint-take me to the hospital
v. gonzales-gonna get off rightaway
vi. big tymers-still fly
vii. yeah yeah yeahs-bang
viii. aesop rock-flashflood
ix. the dismemberment plan-the ice of boston
x. neon king kong-mix up the mix
xi. gravy train!!!!-sippin' 40'z
xii. the mars volta-inertiatic esp
xiii. the blood brothers-cecilia and the silhouette saloon (live)
xiv. bikini kill-i like fucking
xv. hot hot heat-le le low
xvi. blur-parklife
xvii. jejune-radical firepower
xviii. paul oakenfold-starry eyed surprise
xix. fischerspooner-emerge (daft punk remix)
xx. !!! (chik chik chik)-there's no fucking rules

by the way, im new.
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