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ac/dc (to be ironic), bang bang dead bang, black and white photography, br0ken hartz, bright eyes!!!!11connor, cap'n jazz rooooooooolz, cum, dashboard confessional dying, david bowie, emo, emo pirates, emo sex, fat emo trolls, fighting emo mixtapemaking weirdos, glassjaw getting murdered, guns, impregnating chris carabba, ironic trucker hats, mullets, nick drake, pedro the christian lion, pictures with guns, pirates, punching-musical-snobs-in-the-crotch, rivers cuomo's face, robotic pirates, robots, straightedge truckin pirates, suicide letters, sxe, sxe d00d, sxe flasks, sxe pirates, the downfall of glassjaw, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, truckers, weezer banging japanese girls