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hullo hullo / goodbye goodnite

I've been a bad poster/user/drug-abuser

to make up, here's a mix.

The story thus far:
Boy met girl.
Girl met boy.
Both (kinda) ignored each other.
Time passed.
Boy met girl and viceversa again
Boy liked girl; Girl liked boy.
Girl had only 2 weeks or so left on Boy's country.
Promises were made, goodbyes were said.

So, I whipped up something that could tell this girl all the things that were left unsaid, and all the things that could be, etc etc amen.

Hello, Farewell (you'll be missed, till we meet again) mix
1. Tahiti 80 - 1,000 times
2. The Sounds - Seven Days a Week
3. The Postal Service - Brand New Colony
4. Manitoba - Hendrix with ko
5. Thievery Corporation - shadows of ourselves
6. PJ Harvey - a place called home
7. The microphones - I felt your shape
8. White Stripes - we're going to be friends
9. Wilco - heavy metal drummer
10. Duncan Sheik - on a high
11. the Weakerthans - confessions of a futon revolutionist
12. bright eyes - the city has sex
13. Weezer - across the sea
14. Smashing Pumpkins - muzzle
15. Q and not U - when the lines go down
16. Ash - walking barefoot
17. pretty girls make graves - speakers push air
18. hot hot heat - get in or get out
19. the detachment kit - sitting still, talking bout Jets
20. Broken Social Scene - kc accidental
21. The Shins - Pressed in a book
22. Nada Surf - End Credits
23. ..Trail of Dead - Source Tags & Codes

*le sigh*

I ended up liking the mix more than I should've


Vertigo_X, surfeando en la nada
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