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contract in our mutual interest

Mixed Variety Compact Discs

(promotional demonstration #1)

  1. "Before We Begin"- Broadcast

  2. "Tally Ho!"- The Clean

  3. "Twenty Four Hours"- Joy Division

  4. "Swallow"- My Bloody Valentine

  5. "International Colouring Contes"- Stereolab

  6. "Sonnet No. 3 (Like A Duck)"- MC Honky

  7. "Snow"- Chokebore

  8. "Ominous Cloud"- Broadcast

  9. "Don't Dream Its Over"- Sixpence None the Richer

  10. "Police"- Chokebore

  11. "So Young"- The Stone Roses

  12. "I'm Feeling Good"- Holly Golightly

  13. "Sunny Sundae Smile"- My Bloody Valentine

  14. "The Electric Co."- U2

  15. "Transmission"- Joy Division

  16. "It's All Me"- Holly Golightly

  17. "Chicago New York"- The Aislers Set

  18. "Days of Nothing"- Chokebore

  19. "Love Will Tear Us Apart (BBC version)"- Joy Division

  20. "Supa Ninjaz"- Cappadonna (f. U-God and Method Man)

  21. "Ceremony (Joy Division cover)"- Galaxie 500

(promotional demonstration copy #2)

  1. "Randy Scouse Git"- The Monkees

  2. "Kiss"- Prince

  3. "Your Ice Cream Is Ready"- Mocket

  4. "Bizarre Love Triangle"- New Order

  5. "Beercan"- Beck

  6. "OK- No Way"- Mission of Burma

  7. "Creeque Alley"- The Mamas and the Papas

  8. "Hypocrite"- Lush

  9. "Rock With You"- Michael Jackson

  10. "Chelsea Hotel No. 2"- Leonard Cohen

  11. "Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)"- Frente!

  12. "Beautiful Girl"- INXS

  13. "Funky Good Time"- James Brown

  14. "Centerfold"- J. Geils Band

  15. "Passenger"- Iggy Pop

  16. "Nothing's Gonna Stop"- Folk Implosion

  17. "Morning Glory (unplugged)- Oasis

  18. "Breathe Your Name"- Sixpence None the Richer

  19. "Enslavement Blues (Will It Ever Be Quiet)"- The International Noise Conspiracy

  20. "Know It All"- Lagwagon

  21. "Compton's N The House (Remix)"- NWA

  22. "Live Forever (acoustic)"- Oasis

  23. "Porpoise Song"- The Monkees

(winds will blow)

  1. "You Go Girl"- David Cross

  2. "Loomer"- My Bloody Valentine

  3. "Los Angeles, I'm Yours"- The Decemberists

  4. "Young Pilgrims"- The Shins

  5. "Mr Dobalina"- Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

  6. "Baby Elephant Rock-a-Bye"- MC Honky

  7. "Iron Man"- The Cardigans

  8. "Last Match"- The Aislers Set

  9. "Should A Cloud Replace a Compass?"- Circulatory System

  10. "The Chimney Sweep"- The Decemberists

  11. "Away"- The Toadies

  12. "Lonely"- Frente!

  13. "Sea of Love"- Catpower

  14. "Man In Black"- Johnny Cash

  15. "Trying to Get to You"- Elvis Presley

  16. "How Long?"- Circulatory System

  17. "Land, Sea and Air"- Appliance

  18. "Over the Water"- The Cardigans

  19. "Lipstick"- The Buzzcocks

  20. "The Wagon"- Dinosaur Jr.

  21. "Oceans"- Pearl Jam

  22. "There Is A Mountain"- Donovan

  23. "Searchin"- The Coasters

  24. "Who We Be"- DMX

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