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the crossed post

(to whomever may discern)

enclosed within this letter are tracklistings of almost every mix CD I've made within the past winter (and early spring) months....they are, as always, offered to anyone who might want a copy or comments spanning the usual range of "almost cool" to "what the hell is all that about?" if anyone might want to take a look feel free to comment, criticize, request, spy, analyze, or otherwise question my dubious herein contains the list just past the clickable link underneath....good day to everyone (mint tea) and good nights (rice pudding) feel free to sign on the dotted bass line.......

title or description

(waving to piano's millionaires)
  1. "Pass the Mic"- The Beastie Boys

  2. "New York City Cops"- The Strokes

  3. "Deception"- Blackalicious

  4. "Higher Than the Sun"- Primal Scream

  5. "Garden of April"- April March

  6. "Walkin on Sunshine"- Katrina and the Waves

  7. "Falling From Grace"- The Gentle Waves

  8. "Iron Swallow"- Johnny Greenwood

  9. "Backwards Blues"- The Fire Theft

  10. "Main Man"- T-Rex

  11. "Double Feature"- Camera Obscura

  12. "The Coffee and Tea Wrecks"- The Dandy Warhols

  13. "Ballad of a Thin Man"- Bob Dylan

  14. "Summertime"- The Fire Theft

  15. "Niagra"- Braid

  16. "Upstairs"- The Swirlies

  17. "I Want You"- Elvis Costello

  18. "Summer (priority version)"- Mogwai

  19. "Are You Awake?"- Kevin Shields

  20. "Sweet 15"- Cake Like

  21. "St. Lucy's Gate"- Snowpony

(i will probably be left behind)
  1. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard"- Paul Simon

  2. "Take On Me"- A-Ha

  3. "Automatic Stop"- The Strokes

  4. "Boy with Stick"- Hum

  5. "You Can Have It All"- Yo La Tengo

  6. "Here She Comes"- Slowdive

  7. "New Years Day"- U2

  8. "Call of the Night (demo)"- The Zombies

  9. "I'm Set Free"- The Velvet Underground

  10. "Ave, Lucifer"- Os Mutantes

  11. "No No No"- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  12. "Nowhere Fast"- The Smiths

  13. "The Joker"- The Steve Miller Band

  14. "Electric Slim and the Factory Hen"- T-Rex

  15. "Lifeboat"- Lovage

  16. "Drop"- Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions

  17. "Cold Light"- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  18. "Damage"- Yo La Tengo

  19. "Give Us Moon Rocks!"- The Swirlies

  20. "Stockholm Syndrome"- Yo La Tengo

  21. "Come In Alone"- My Bloody Valentine

  22. "Feeling of Gaze"- Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions

(stop having sex with the tourists)
  1. "Keep It Clean"- Camera Obscura

  2. "Ugly"- The Violent Femmes

  3. "(Keep Feeling) Fascination"- The Human League

  4. "On the Way to the Club"- Blur

  5. "Dreaming Of"- Earlimart

  6. "You"- The Au Pairs

  7. "Promise"- The Violent Femmes

  8. "New White Kross"- Sonic Youth

  9. "Little Furry Things"- Dinosaur Jr.

  10. "Out of the Races and On to the Track"- The Rapture

  11. "Still Feels Like Tears"- Broadcast

  12. "Through My Eyes"- Creation

  13. "Big Fat Spider"- Heinz

  14. "It's Your Thing"- The Isley Brothers

  15. "Soul Rebel"- Bob Marley vs. Lee "Scratch" Perry

  16. "As Far as I Can See"- Appliance

  17. "Walk A Thin Line"- Fleetwood Mac

  18. "Prove My Love"- The Violent Femmes

  19. "Anthem"- Phantom Planet

  20. "Take A Picture"- Filter

  21. "Good Song"- Blur

  22. "Save Me A Place"- Fleetwood Mac

  23. "Captain of Quarantine"- Shannon Wright

  24. "All of Your Toys"- The Monkees

  25. "Lighten Up"- The Beastie Boys

(your 33rd dream of sculptured fish)
  1. "The Blue Nun"- The Beastie Boys

  2. "Ominous Cloud"- Broadcast

  3. "On Reflection"- Appleseed Cast

  4. "Hey!"- The Pixies

  5. "Our Space"- The Cardigans

  6. "Molly"- Sponge

  7. "Don't You Want Me"- The Human League

  8. "Great Divide"- The Cardigans

  9. "Give Up the War"- Starflyer 59

  10. "Hawk"- Broadcast

  11. "Northern Sky"- Nick Drake

  12. "Footsteps In the Dark"- The Isley Brothers

  13. "Here Beside You"- Holly Golightly

  14. "Sand"- The Microphones

  15. "Honey Power"- My Bloody Valentine

  16. "New Orthophony"- Stereolab

  17. "I Don't Mind"- The Decemberists

  18. "Universe"- The Microphones

  19. "Isn't It A Pity"- Galaxie 500

(linear languages)
  1. "Fish Cheer and I-Feel-Like-I'm Fixin-To-Die Rag"- Country Joe and the Fish

  2. "Come On, Let's Go"- Ritchie Valens

  3. "Holland, 1945"- Neutral Milk Hotel

  4. "Baby Britain"- Elliott Smith

  5. "You Didn't Have to be So Nice"- The Lovin Spoonful

  6. "She's So Fine"- The Easybeats

  7. "Clappy Valentine"- Playdough

  8. "It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)"- REM

  9. "One Dirty Minute"- Har Mar Superstar (featuring Dirty Preston)

  10. "1981"- P.I.L.

  11. "2000 Light Years From Home"- The Rolling Stones

  12. "Start With"- Seaweed

  13. "Some Red Handed Slight of Hand"- Cursive

  14. "107"- Team Dresch

  15. "Hobos On Parade"- Shannon Wright

  16. "With Yours"- Tara Jane O'Neil

  17. "Canal Life"- David Byrne

  18. "Hi Speed Soul"- Nada Surf

  19. "Rocks"- Tara Jane O'Neil

  20. "Saint Rose of Lima"- The Mercury Program

  21. "Moonface"- Sonic Youth

  22. "Yes I Do"- Chicks On Speed

  23. "In the Neverending Seach for A Suitable Enemy"- Joy Zipper

  24. "You Didn't Have to be So Nice"- The Lovin Spoonful

(find a reason later for the places that you've been)
  1. "Float On"- Modest Mouse

  2. "Heat Wave"- Martha and the Vandellas

  3. "Baroque"- The Apples In Stereo

  4. "Optimistic"- Radiohead

  5. "Timber"- The Lillys

  6. "Academy Fight Song (7" version)"- Mission of Burma

  7. "Valerie"- The Monkees

  8. "Fantasy"- Lush

  9. "Offline P.K."- Pinback

  10. "Pass It On"- The Coral

  11. "Stuck In the Middle With You"- Steelers Wheels

  12. "Monsieur Dupont"- Sandie Shaw

  13. "I Can't"- Radiohead

  14. "Treehouse"- Nada Surf

  15. "B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad"- Outkast

  16. "Roadhouse Blues (live)"- The Doors

  17. "Lounge Act"- Nirvana

  18. "Stereo"- Pavement

  19. "Like A Bad Girl Should"- The Cramps

  20. "Hollywood"- Nada Surf

  21. "Soul to Squeeze"- Red Hot Chili Peppers

  22. "Starlings of the Slipstream"- Pavement

(a mysterious and dangerous new world)
  1. "Secret Agent Man"- Johnny Rivers

  2. "Dying For It"- The Vaselines

  3. "Another Rainy Saturday"- My Bloody Valentine

  4. "Baby You Should Know"- Joy Zipper

  5. "She Loves You No Less"- My Bloody Valentine

  6. "Colores Sin Nombre"- Savath and Savalas

  7. "Lunch Hour Pops"- Broadcast

  8. "When Things Come Falling"- All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors

  9. "33X"- Joy Zipper

  10. "The World Backwards"- Broadcast

  11. "Ultimo Tren"- Savath and Savalas

  12. "Dave's Dream"- Broadcast

  13. "Dreamfinger"- Sonic Youth

  14. "Hangman in the Shadows"- The Gentle Waves

  15. "Spaun"- All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors

  16. "Paranoid"- Black Sabbath

  17. "Sunny Sundae Smile"- My Bloody Valentine

  18. "Lights Out"- Broadcast

  19. "Ron"- Joy Zipper

  20. "Milky Drops From Heaven"- Johnny Greenwood

  21. "Barracuda"- Sonic Youth

(stars of stage and stream)
  1. "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding"- Elvis Costello and the Attractions

  2. "Say Goodbye"- Papas Fritas

  3. "The Boy with the Thorn In His Side (live)"- J. Mascis

  4. "Monopoly"- Urge Overkill

  5. "Let's Go Bowling"- Camera Obscura

  6. "Hold On"- Holly Golightly

  7. "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You"- The Monkees

  8. "More Than That is Deserved"- The Lillys

  9. "Einstein's Day"- Mission of Burma

  10. "Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)"- DJ Shadow

  11. "I Have the Moon"- Lush

  12. "Dreams"- The Cranberries

  13. "Do You Beleive"- The Cardigans

  14. "Jimmy Mack"- Martha and the Vandellas

  15. "Judy and the Dream of Horses"- Belle and Sebastian

  16. "Black Foliage (Itself)"- Olivia Tremor Control

  17. "Fame and Fortune"- Mission of Burma

  18. "Who Feels Love (acoustic)"- Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller

  19. "Look On Down From the Bridge"- Mazzy Star

  20. "Heart of Darkness"- Mission of Burma

  21. "Red"- Mission of Burma

  22. "All Done Wrong"- Starflyer 59

  23. "Junk of the Hearts"- The Cardigans

(how could one expect me to adapt to my position so quickly?)
  1. "Ballroom Blitz"- Sweet

  2. "Adios"- Maritime

  3. "19th Nervous Breakdown"- The Rolling Stones

  4. "Lola Stars and Stripes"- The Stills

  5. "Daylight Till Dawn"- All Night Radio

  6. "One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand"- The Notwist

  7. "On Our Own"- The Meeting Places

  8. "Countdown"- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  9. "Hustle Rose"- Metric

  10. "Take Me Out"- Franz Ferdinand

  11. "Summer's Gone"- Chapterhouse

  12. "Sequel"- 90 Day Men

  13. "Smash It Up"- The Damned

  14. "The Correct Handling of Contradiction"- GoGoGoAirheart

  15. "Blue Lip Special"- Vaz

  16. "I Found A Reason (demo)"- The Velvet Underground

  17. "Down to the River"- Maritime

  18. "The Ocean Breathes Salty"- Modest Mouse

  19. "Still In Love Song"- The Stills

  20. "Fake"- Thingy

  21. "The Spider and the Fly"- The Rolling Stones

  22. "I Dream Again"- Via Tania

  23. "Focus On A Roller Coaster"- Mice Parade

(bright static/vague love)
  1. "I'm Shakin"- Rooney

  2. "Deserts (as big as a star)"- Circulatory System

  3. "Just a Friend"- Biz Markee

  4. "Into You Like a Train"- Psychadelic Furs

  5. "Day 7"- The Notwist

  6. "Lucifer Sam"- Pink Floyd

  7. "Dancehall"- Modest Mouse

  8. "You've Got Nothing"- My Bloody Valentine

  9. "Raspberry Beret"- Prince

  10. "Chalet Motel"- Fiver

  11. "Breather"- Chapterhouse

  12. "Refrain Tomorrow"- Mice Parade

  13. "Sugar"- My Bloody Valentine

  14. "Make"- Bailter Space

  15. "Come On Home"- Franz Ferdinand

  16. "Sad K."- All Night Radio

  17. "Black Cadillacs"- Modest Mouse

  18. "Now I Know You Could Never be the One"- The Meeting Places

  19. "Say A Spell"- The Birthday Party

  20. "The Good Times are Killing Me"- Modest Mouse

  21. "They've Won"- Vaz

(to flee the scorched earth into the sea)
  1. "Another Set of Bees in the Museum"- Olivia Tremor Control

  2. "Later Operator"- All Girl Summer Fun Band

  3. "Birds of Ireland"- Maritime

  4. "Changes Are No Good"- The Stills

  5. "First Step"- Jawbreaker

  6. "I Love You (outtake)"- The Velvet Underground

  7. "Dear Jane"- Green Pajamas

  8. "This Major Sea"- GoGoGo Airheart

  9. "The View"- Modest Mouse

  10. "Kitted Out"- The Pastels

  11. "Twist Top"- The Clean

  12. "Noise"- M83

  13. "Feel So Real"- Swervedriver

  14. "Sad Song (demo)"- The Velvet Underground

  15. "Slowmono"- Moonbabies

  16. "Say Hello to the Angels"- Interpol

  17. "Blue Spanish Sky"- Chris Issak

  18. "Argonaut"- Bailter Space

  19. "The Struggle Against Unreality"- Matmos

  20. "Freeze Our Stares"- The Meeting Places

(of unusual crimes and their punishments)
  1. "Surrender (live)"- Cheap Trick

  2. "Theme Song"- All Girl Summer Fun Band

  3. "She Rides the Waves"- Pale Saints

  4. "Hilltop Procession"- The Olivia Tremor Control

  5. "Be My Baby"- Ivy

  6. "Jerk It Out"- Caesars

  7. "Temps des Yoyos"- April March

  8. "Wild World"- Cat Stevens

  9. "Greater Power"- Chapterhouse

  10. "Summer Kids Go"- Moonbabies

  11. "Billy Two"- The Clean

  12. "My Band"- D12

  13. "Cellblock No. 5"- The Clean

  14. "Hate"- Cinerama

  15. "All I Really Want to Do"- Bob Dylan

  16. "You Always Hang Around"- The Breeders

  17. "Son of Jaguar 'e'"- Swervedriver

  18. "So Sad About Us"- The Breeders

  19. "On the Way to Fly"- Chapterhouse

  20. "Aaron and Maria"- The American Analog Set

  21. "Milton Road"- Mice Parade

  22. "Discretion"- Pedro the Lion

  23. "Wide Awake"- The Meeting Places

  24. "Le Paysage Zim Zum"- Sonic Youth

(a map of the incidental world)
  1. "My Sharona"- The Knack

  2. "The Red Door"- The Aislers Set

  3. "Mon Amour"- The Plan

  4. "The Micro Disneycal World Tour"- Cornelius

  5. "Drawbridge"- All Girl Summer Fun Band

  6. "Got My Mind Set On You"- George Harrison

  7. "....sudden stars"- Stereolab

  8. "Alpha Centauri"- Sciflyer

  9. "I Beleive in a Thing Called Love"- The Darkness

  10. "When You Sleep (My Bloody Valentine cover)"- Mira

  11. "Christmas Song"- The Aislers Set

  12. "Faster Gun"- The Wrens

  13. "Lazarus"- The Boo Radleys

  14. "Maddening Cloud"- Blonde Redhead

  15. "La Crise"- Yann Tiersen

  16. "We're On Our Wave"- All Night Radio

  17. "Hesitation Blues"- Kaleidoscope

  18. "Westworld"- Japancakes

  19. "Passengers"- Starflyer 59

  20. "Run Into Flowers"- m83

  21. "Yoyo"- Parsley Sound

  22. "Boys Don't Cry (The Cure cover)"- Tuscadero

  23. "L'effrondrement"- Yann Tiersen

(Jeff Lynne knows where the bodies are buried)
  1. "Bukowski"- Modest Mouse

  2. "Fairnt Chairnt"- The Aislers Set

  3. "Mr Big Stuff"- Jean Knight

  4. "Skunks"- Manitoba

  5. "End of the Line"- Traveling Wilburys

  6. "Exitheuxa"- GoGoGo Airheart

  7. "Combat Baby"- Metric

  8. "The Room Song"- Vince Mole and his Calcium Orchestra

  9. "Everything You Need"- Adem

  10. "Like A Laser"- Atombombpocketknife

  11. "My Angel Rocks Back and Forth"- Four Tet

  12. "Dirt Off Your Shoulder"- Jay-Z

  13. "Academy Flight Song"- No Knife

  14. "Do Something"- The Plan

  15. "I Like the Ride"- SIANspheric

  16. "Candle Mice"- Parsley Sound

  17. "Per Second Second"- The Wrens

  18. "Good To Me"- The White Stripes

  19. "Les Jours Heureux"- Yann Tiersen

  20. "Ina"- Ethel Meserve

  21. "Seashell Eyes"- Ariel Kill Him

(the pictures are still inside you)
  1. "Baby, I Love Your Way (live)"- Peter Frampton

  2. "Lullaby For Wayne"- Weezer

  3. "My Sharona"- Polysics

  4. "Dandelion"- The Rolling Stones

  5. "Language of Flowers"- Pale Saints

  6. "Jamie (acoustic)"- Weezer

  7. "Boys You Won't Remember"- The Wrens

  8. "Doors Lead to Questions"- The Appleseed Cast

  9. "Repeat Failure"- The Delgados

  10. "Ride Into the Sun (demo)"- The Velvet Underground

  11. "Slowfire"- Sciflyer

  12. "It's Up to You"- Polysics

  13. "Honky Tonk Women"- The Rolling Stones

  14. "Mile Marker"- The Appleseed Cast

  15. "Drums That Noone Played/El Nino"- The Microphones

  16. "See Through You"- The Meeting Places

  17. "E. Is Stable"- Menomena

  18. "Insubstantial"- Pale Saints

  19. "Oh Anna"- The Microphones

  20. "Staring At Me"- The Microphones

  21. "I Wrote This Song for the Girl Paris Hilton"- Vicent Gallo

(stay awake.... please stay awake)
  1. "Jamie"- Weezer

  2. "Starting Five"- Dios

  3. "Winter Light"- All Night Radio

  4. "Microclimate"- Stereolab

  5. "Hip Hop Quotables"- Ludacris

  6. "Vampirate"- Baboon

  7. "Million Things"- All Girl Summer Fun Band

  8. "Mic Check"- Cornelius

  9. "The Lung"- Dinosaur Jr.

  10. "Incomprehensibly Yours"- David Candy

  11. "Feathers and Furs"- No Knife

  12. "Good Is Me"- Stereolab

  13. "Playing Chandeliers"- Atombombpocketknife

  14. "We Are Not Built to Last"- Appliance

  15. "Remo"- Optiginally Yours

  16. "Son"- Baboon

  17. "Blue Flowers"- Dr. Octogon

  18. "These Are Your Friends"- Adem

  19. "Chapter 8- Seashore and Horizon"- Cornelius

  20. "Sun A.M."- Moonbabies

title or description
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