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I Keep the Bees

emilio the kid

(the dancing criminals in the park)
  1. "We Used To Be Friends"- Dandy Warhols

  2. "Always On My Mind"- Phantom Planet

  3. "Throw Down"- Dinosaur Jr.

  4. "Magic Hour"- The Fruit Bats

  5. "Langour In the Balcony"- The Aislers Set

  6. "The Recluse"- Cursive

  7. "Sally Cinnamon"- The Stone Roses

  8. "Rain On Tin"- Sonic Youth

  9. "Buena Vista"- The Starlight Mints

  10. "Little Triggers"- Elvis Costello

  11. "Once In A While"- The Smashing Pumpkins

  12. "If I Were Going"- The Afghan Whigs

  13. "Boring Machines Disturb Sleep"- Mogwai

  14. "Stop Playing Guitar"- The Promise Ring

  15. "Art Is Hard"- Cursive

  16. "Beauty Lies In the Eye"- Sonic Youth

  17. "Comfort Me"- Sparklehorse

  18. "Hospital"- Earlimart

  19. "Cut Dead"- The Jesus and Mary Chain

  20. "The Swimmer"- Sleater-Kinney

  21. "Explain"- Julie Doiron

  22. "This Is Our Sound"- Ladytron

  23. "Unwind"- Sonic Youth

chocolate and charcoal

(cornered in the castle, dead in the water)
  1. "Back in the Day"- Local H

  2. "Clean Slate"- Seaweed

  3. "Yesterday Once More"- The Shaggs

  4. "Pressed In a Book (live on KXCI Tucson)"- The Shins

  5. "Truly Great Thing"- Sebadoh

  6. "Pink Moon"- Sebadoh

  7. "Section 3"- The Polyphonic Spree

  8. "Slow Fast Hazel"- Stereolab

  9. "The World Looks Red"- Sonic Youth

  10. "Eriatarka"- The Mars Volta

  11. "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate"- Mission of Burma

  12. "Mushroom"- Can

  13. "Little Triggers"- Elvis Costello

  14. "Life's A Gas"- T. Rex

  15. "She Bangs the Drum"- The Stone Roses

  16. "All World Cowboy Romance"- Mission of Burma

  17. "The Slider"- T. Rex

  18. "What'd I Say"- Ray Charles

  19. "Always Something There to Remind Me"- Naked Eyes

  20. "Primitive Notion"- New Order

  21. "Dreams"- Sebadoh

  22. "How Much More"- The Go- Go's

  23. "Less Than Zero"- Elvis Costello

(opium opulance)

  1. "Chemical Calisthenics"- Blackalicious
  2. "Sicilian Defense"- The Replikants
  3. "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"- Viva Voce
  4. "Compound Lessons"- The Causey Way
  5. "Starstruck One"- The Smoking Popes
  6. "How Near How Far"- .. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
  7. "Happy Kid"- Nada Surf
  8. "NYC"- The Doves
  9. "Punk As Fuck"- The American Analog Set
  10. "Kodomotachi"- Susumu Yokota
  11. "You Were the Last High"- The Dandy Warhols
  12. "Y Control"- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  13. "Metal Heart"- Catpower
  14. "Put A Little Love In Your Heart"- Jackie DeShannon
  15. "I Don't Wanna Go To Chelsea"- Elvis Costello
  16. "Tell Her About It"- Billy Joel
  17. "Drip Drop"- Dion
  18. "Where Youth and Laughter Go"- Broadcast
  19. "Priests and Paramedics"- Pedro the Lion
  20. "Kill the Sex Player"- Girls Against Boys
  21. "Mistakes and Regrets"- .. And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead


  1. "Opening Act"- Ugly Duckling

  2. "Black Roots"- DJ Shadow and Quannum Productions

  3. "Meatshake"- Ugly Duckling

  4. "Olivia Lost"- Joan of Arc

  5. "And One (One One)"- The Lilys

  6. The Entire Village Green Preservation Society album by the Kinks

  7. "Mogwai Fear Satan"- Mogwai

  8. "Broken Tape Decks"- LA Symphony

#0 (morning)

1. "Relative Ways"- ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
2. "Goldfinger"- Ash
3. "How Soon Is Now"- The Smiths
4. "Hotcha Girls"- Ugly Cassanova
5. "Little Light"- Jets to Brazil
6. "Garbage Man"- Hole
7. "You Were the Long Way Home"- 764-HERO
8. "The Sands've Turn'd Purple"- Cap'n Jazz
9. "Condemnation"- Depeche Mode
10. "Come On Eileen"- Dexxy's Midnight Runners
11. "Its a Man's World"- James Brown
12. "Talk About the Blues"- Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
13. "Mrs. Robinson"- The Lemonheads
14. "Swing Pool"- Blonde Redhead
15. "Till the End of the Day"- The Kinks
16. "New Noise"- Refused
17. "Sugar On My Tongue"- Talking Heads
18. "Consent"- The Lapse
19. "Schitzophrenia"- Sonic Youth

#1 (shimmer)

1. "Boxcar"- Jawbreaker
2. "Hung Up On A Dream"- The Zombies
3. "Madeline"- Yo La Tengo
4. "This Will Be Our Year"- The Zombies
5. "All I Need"- My Bloody Valentine
6. "Jesus"- The Velvet Underground
7. "Care of Cell 44"- The Zombies
8. "Good Morning Good Morning (Anthology 2 version)"- The Beatles
9. "She Flies Gliders"- Somersault
10. "When You Sleep"- My Bloody Valentine
11. "She's Not There"- The Zombies
12. "Your Mother Should Know (Anthology 2 version)"- The Beatles
13. "Nova"- Tracker
14. "What You Want"- My Bloody Valentine
15. "Never Tear Us Apart"- INXS
16. "You Never Should"- My Bloody Valentine
17. "Breakthrough"- Modest Mouse
18. "Watching the Detectives"- Elvis Costello
19. "Long Division"- Rally Boy
20. "Ceiling Fan"- Kaitlyn DiDonovan
21. "Of Information and Belief"- June of '44

#2 (ex empire)

1. "Another One Bites the Dust"- Queen
2. "Jennifer Juniper"- Donovan
3. "Come On Time"- The Zombies
4. "Yellow Butterfly"- Tahiti 80
5. "Cannon/John the Revelator (live)"- The White Stripes
6. "Rocksteady"- Remy Shand
7. "Swimming Suit"- Tahiti 80
8. "Junk"- Paul McCartney
9. "Percolator"- Stereolab
10. "Never Say Goodbye"- My Bloody Valentine
11. "Pin"- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
12. "60 MPH"- New Order
13. "Every Night"- Paul McCartney
14. "If You Want to be Happy for the Rest of Your Life"- ?
15. "Luv Machine"- Blonde Redhead
16. "Fuck Tha Police"- NWA
17. "Gangsta Gangsta"- NWA
18. "Moment of Truth"- Gangstarr
19. "Le Relax"- Damon Albarn
20. "Out of the Day"- The Zombies
21. "Pop Star's Club"- Tahiti 80
22. "For the Longest Time"- Billy Joel
23. "Momma Miss America"- Paul McCartney

#3 (popcorn)

1. "Need You Around"- Smoking Popes
2. "Here It Comes"- Modest Mouse
3. "This Charming Man"- The Smiths
4. "Piano Fire"- Sparklehorse
5. "I Have Been Floated"- Olivia Tremor Control
6. "Frankly, Mr Shankly"- The Smiths
7. "Ain't No Sunshine"- Bill Withers
8. "Let's Stay Together"- Al Green
9. "Wonderful (demo)"- The Beach Boys
10. "Regret"- New Order
11. "Without Feathers"- Blonde Redhead
12. "Everlong"- Foo Fighters
13. "Memory"- Babes In Toyland
14. "Daddy Never Understood"- Deluxx Folk Implosion
15. "Torture"- Method Man
16. "Lose My Breath"- My Bloody Valentine
17. "Lady Elect"- Unwound
18. "Pale Blue Eyes"- The Velvet Underground
19. "The Break"- Urge Overkill
20. "Boys Don't Cry"- The Cure
21. "Obscured"- Smashing Pumpkins
22. "Wander"- The Album Leaf

#4 (Psychadelic Mousekateer)

1. "Hideaway"- Olivia Tremor Control
2. "Big Green Tree"- The Essex Green
3. "Calender Girl"- Neil Sedaka
4. "Sweet Jane"- The Velvet Underground
5. "Touch the Water"- The Lillys
6. "Claire Hates Me"- The Lillys
7. "Saturday"- The Essex Green
8. "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile"- Annie Soundtrack
9. "Yesterday's World"- Circulatory System
10. "Don't Go Away (live with Noel singing)"- Oasis
11. "Being Around (live/acoustic)"- Evan Dando
12. "Where Did Our Love Go"- The Supremes
13. "Lovely Universe"- Circulatory System
14. "A Peek"- Circulatory System
15. "There Goes the Fear"- The Doves
16. "Into the Forest of Disbelief"- Unwed Sailor
17. "Now"- Circulatory System
18. "Joy"- Circulatory System
19. "Maria"- Blondie
20. "Martine"- April March
21. "Rainbow Sign"- The Fruit Bats
22. "Cet Air-la"- April March
23. "Looking for Quiet Seeds"- Olivia Tremor Control
24. "A Cautionary Song"- The Decemberists
25. "Come Go With Me"- The Del Vikings

#5 (Vibration 70)

1. "Mean Mr. Mustard"- The Beatles
2. "Mon Petit Ami"- April March
3. "Wonderful"- Adam Ant
4. "Voices Green and Purple"- The Bees
5. "Don't Fear the Reaper"- Blue Oyster Cult
6. "No No No"- Dawn Penn
7. "Today Was A Good Day"- Ice Cube
8. "Mind Playin Tricks On Me"- Getto Boys
9. "Jewelz"- Gravediggaz
10. "No Letting Go"- Wayne Wonder
11. "Waterworld"- Redcloud
12. "Soul Love"- David Bowie
13. "Hallucinations"- Tim Buckley
14. "Bongo Red"- Gladiators
15. "Tarantella Napoletana"- Itallian Street Songs
16. "I'll Be Waiting"- Archer Prewitt
17. "You Won't See Me"- The Beatles
18. "Legionnaire's Lament"- The Decemberists
19. "Light and Magic"- Ladytron
20. "Freak Out"- Jackie Mittoo
21. "Groovy Kind of Love"- Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders
22. "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)"- Simon and Garfunkel
23. "Safe and Sound"- Azure Ray
24. "Don't Take Your Guns to Town"- Johnny Cash

#6 (Diamond Diamond)

1. "This Boy (live)"- The Beatles
2. "You Showed Me"- The Turtles
3. "Hit the Snow"- The Aislers Set
4. "My Hooptie"- Sir Mix-a-lot
5. "Even If"- Method Man
6. "All the Young Dudes"- Mott the Hoople
7. "You Got Me Goin In Circles"- Friends of Distinction
8. "Of Up and Coming Monarchs"- Pedro the Lion
9. "Volare"- Dean Martin
10. "Hang On Sloopy"- The McCoys
11. "This Ol Heart of Mine"- The Isley Brothers
12. "REC Room"- Inspectah Deck
13. "Deep Cover"- Dr Dre (f. Snoop Doggy Dogg)
14. "Hard Drive"- Evan Dando
15. "That's Amore"- Dean Martin
16. "Starman"- David Bowie
17. "Brazil"- Cornelius
18. "Fourth of July"- Galaxie 500
19. "Iris (live)"- The Breeders
20 "It's All Too Much"- The Beatles
21. "All Together Now"- The Beatles
22. "7 O'Clock News/Silent Night"- Simon and Garfunkel

#7 (Kill Yourself or Hang Out)

1. "Home is Where You're Happy"- Evan Dando
2. "Sister"- Jawbreaker
3. "Killian's Red"- Nada Surf
4. "Oh My Love"- John Lennon
5. "Rhiannon"- Fleetwood Mac
6. "The Passenger"- Iggy Pop
7. "Your Love"- Outfield
8. "Trying To Get To You"- Elvis Presley
9. "Tide is High"- Blondie
10. "Are You That Somebody"- Alliyah
11. "Shocker In Gloomtown"- The Breeders
12. "Dawn Chorus"- Boards of Canada
13. "Who Needs Wings To Fly"- Death By Chocolate
14. "Saints"- The Breeders
15. "Daydream"- Smashing Pumpkins
16. "Carnival Song"- Tim Buckley
17. "And I Love Her"- The Beatles
18. "Famous Blue Raincoat"- Leonard Cohen
19. "Safari"- The Breeders
20. "Five Years"- David Bowie
21. "Psychotic Reaction"- The Count Five
22. "Play That Funky Music White Boy"- Wild Cherry

#8 (Jump Up)

1. "Interlude"- Via Tania
2. "Another Morning Stoner"- ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
3. "First Revival"- The Amps
4. "Pagan Baby"- Bratmobile
5. "Source Codes and Tags"- .... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
6. "The Pillow"- Circulatory System
7. "Gore In Beans"- Deefhoof
8. "The Pigeon John Song"- Redcloud
9. "Dragon Ships"- The Fruit Bats
10. "Frenzied Handsome Hello"- Deerhoof
11. "Emergency"- DJ Shadow/Quannum Projects Compilation
12. "Super Fire"- Girls Against Boys
13. "Trippin"- Gravediggaz
14. "1-800 Suicide"- Gravediggaz
15. "1969"- The Stooges
16. "Hit the Road Jack"- Ray Charles
17. "How Bizarre"- OMC
18. "People Take Pictures of Each Other"- The Kinks
19. "Bicycle Song"- Queen
20. "Strawberry Wine"- My Bloody Valentine
21. "Open My Eyes"- Nazz
22. "Yellin In My Ear"- Operation Ivy
23. "Judy Is A Punk"- The Ramones
24. "The Void"- The Raincoats
25. "All of My Friends Were There"- The Kinks

#9 (Before Work)

1. "So Fresh So Clean"- Outkast
2. "Yeah Yeah Yeah"- The Minders
3. "Gravity Rides Everything"- Modest Mouse
4. "A Mind of Her Own"- Pedro the Lion
5. "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"- The Smiths
6. "Last Night"- The Strokes
7. "Hard to Explain"- The Strokes
8. "Yer So Bad"- Tom Petty
9. "Cat Faces"- Ugly Cassanova
10. "Journey to Anywhere"- Ugly Duckling
11. "Eye on the Gold Chain"- Ugly Duckling
12. "Demons Sing Love Songs"- Unwound
13. "October All Over"- Unwound
14. "Soon"- My Bloody Valentine
15. "Condition Oakland"- Jawbreaker
16. "History Lessons"- 764-HERO
17. "You Were the Long Way Home"- 764-HERO
18. "Carry the Zero"- Built to Spill
19. "Do You Still Hate Me"- Jawbreaker

a lifetime of temporary relief

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