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I'm A Nutritional Overachiever

dark gray matter of fact

a list of most of the mix CDs I've made in the last 4 or 5 months.... any are available if anyone wants...and of course songs can be replaced (pretty understandable) with songs off other CDs or anything else I might have.... it doesn't seem like people often get taken up on the offer to trade or take a CD.... but its worth a try, I guess

the secret culture of guilt

(translating the light spectrum)
  1. "Dig A Pony"- The Beatles

  2. "Someday"- The Strokes

  3. "Psychonaut"- Brainticket

  4. "Life is Just Beginning"- Creation

  5. "Enjoy the Silence"- Depeche Mode

  6. "Clockwork"- Blackalicious

  7. "Waterfall"- The Stone Roses

  8. "Just Like Heaven"- The Cure

  9. "High Tide in Alaska"-Native Nod

  10. "Christine Bonilla"- Joy Zipper

  11. "Electricity"- Lync

  12. "All I've Gotta Do"- The Beatles

  13. "Anti-Western"- Camera Obscura

  14. "Hold On Girl"- The Monkees

  15. "Waterloo Sunset (Kinks cover)"- Elliott Smith

  16. "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day"- The Monkees

  17. "Buick Makane"- T-Rex

  18. "Data"- Unwound

  19. "Bonnie and Clyde"- Jay Z (f/ Beyonce Knowles)

  20. "How to Rob a Rapper"- 50 Cent (f/ the Madd Rapper)

(she becomes static when she laughs)
  1. "Minerva"- The Deftones

  2. "Stand Up"- Ludacris

  3. "Don't Want You Back"- Eamon

  4. "Da Cipher"- Punch and Words

  5. "Your Imagination"- All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors

  6. "Tout Le Temps"- The Blood Group

  7. "Sing it Again"- Beck

  8. "Cardinals Farm"- The Blood Group

  9. "Fall Down"- Cake Like

  10. "N.L."- The Notwist

  11. "Strange Town"- The Jam

  12. "Shy Like You (Peel Session)"- 14 Iced Bears

  13. "Locate"- Satisfact

  14. "0-4"-The Notwist

  15. "Escapism for the Future"- Satisfact

  16. "I Only Said"- My Bloody Valentine

  17. "Black Car"- Black Tambourine

  18. "Debra"- Beck

  19. "Third Planet"- Modest Mouse

  20. "Last Things Last"- Rachel's (w/Shannon Wright)

(the relative anthology and compendium of universal truths)
  1. "Magic and Ecstacy"- Mocket

  2. "You're Safe In Your Sleep From This Girl"- My Bloody Valentine

  3. "Dimes Make Dollars"- The Lilys

  4. "4"- The Frosted Ambassador

  5. "Obstacle 1"- Interpol

  6. "Emergency Turn Off"- All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors

  7. "Hey There Fancypants"- Ween

  8. "Pretty Girls Make Graves (Troy Tate sessions version)"- The Smiths

  9. "The New"- Interpol

  10. "Life Form (Transmission Received)"- Major Organ and the Adding Machine

  11. "Best Clean Shirt"- Railroad Jerk

  12. "2"- The Frosted Ambassador

  13. "Sunn"- The Swirlies

  14. "10"- The Frosted Ambassador

  15. "With Friends Like These"- Stereolab

  16. "Behold the Salt"- Unwound

  17. "At Home He's A Tourist"- Gang of Four

  18. "I'm Sorry For You Friend"- Hank Williams

  19. "Brand New Key"- Melanie

  20. "Happy Colored Marbles"- Ween

  21. "Untitled"- Interpol

(lawyers become legislators, priests take percoset (draft 1))

  1. "This Life Cumulative"- Joan of Arc

  2. "Fever"- Peggy Lee

  3. "Building Tall Buildings"- Satisfact

  4. "The Ghetto"- Too Short

  5. "Echoes"- The Rapture

  6. "Unswitched"- Satisfact

  7. "The End Has No End"- The Strokes

  8. "San Cristobal de Las Casas"- The Swirlies

  9. "The Return of Truth and Beauty...."- The Rapture

  10. "House On Fire"- The Clientele

  11. "My Roots Are Strong and Deep"- The Microphones

  12. "Prick"- Tara Jane O'Neil

  13. "Sleepytime"- The Swirlies

  14. "Lonely Moon"- Sean Na Na

  15. "Spin Cycle"- All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors

  16. "Offcell"- Pinback

  17. "By Tomorrow"- Black Tambourine

  18. "Skills Once Known"- Empress

  19. "The Kids at the Club"- Comet Gain

  20. "Tomorrow Tomorrow"- Elliott Smith

  21. "Beh-Beh-Beh-Beh-Better"- Sean Na Na

  22. "The Ballad of Railroad Jerk"- Railroad Jerk

(fictitious landmarks)
  1. "So What'cha Want"- Beastie Boys

  2. "How Things Work"- Satisfact

  3. "The Generator"- The Lilys

  4. "Lately I Have Had A Hard Time"- The Blood Group

  5. "I Want Wind To Blow"- The Microphones

  6. "String of Stars"- All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors

  7. "I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out"- Elliott Smith

  8. "Fish"- The Clean

  9. "Accent the Motion"- Satisfact

  10. "On Again, Off Again"- The Clean

  11. "A Tab for the Holiday"- The Lilys

  12. "The Incredible He Woman"- Stereolab

  13. "Under Control"- The Strokes

  14. "Monolith"- T Rex

  15. "The Tide Is High"- Blondie

  16. "Horrible"- Frente!

  17. "Getting Better"- The Beatles

  18. "London"- The Smiths

  19. "Sand River"- Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man

  20. "Rider On the Wheel"- Nick Drake

  21. "Map Ref (?)"- My Bloody Valentine

  22. "Monitress"- Mocket

  23. "La Revolucion"- Ugly Duckling

  24. "Slide"- Missy Elliott

(bloody sebastian)
  1. "Hey Ya"- Outkast

  2. "Double Decker Bus"- Count Five

  3. "Those to Come"- The Shins

  4. "I Never Trusted the Russians"- The Promise Ring

  5. "Salad Forest"- All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors

  6. "Kissing the Lipless"- The Shins

  7. "La Pour Ca"- Nada Surf

  8. "Samurai Sword"- The Microphones

  9. "Today Is the Day"- Yo La Tengo

  10. "Saint Simon"- The Shins

  11. "All the Time"- All Naural Lemon and Lime Flavors

  12. "Mickey et Chantal"- April March

  13. "A Call to Apathy"- The Shins

  14. "Blue Balloons"- All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors

  15. "Tapioca Tundra"- The Monkees

  16. "Dansk Party"- BS2000

  17. "When the Music Stops"- Eminem

  18. "Jamaican Rum Rhumba"- The Clientele

  19. "Speed Trials"- Elliot Smith

  20. "Turn A Square"- The Shins

  21. "Fighting In A Sack"- The Shins

  22. "Pink Bullets"- The Shins

  23. "Mine's Not A High Horse"- The Shins

(fierce roller derby anthems)
  1. "21st Century Songbird"- Oasis

  2. "This is Not Who We Were"- Mull Historical Society

  3. "Moonage Daydream"- David Bowie

  4. "B.F.F."- Girls Against Boys

  5. "It's Not True"- The Who

  6. "Get It On (Bang A Gong)"- T Rex

  7. "A to G"- Blackalicious

  8. "Above the Clouds"- Gangstarr

  9. "Sympathy For the Devil"- The Rolling Stones

  10. "Rich Girl"- Hall and Oates

  11. "Hazy Shade of Winter"- The Bangles

  12. "Through the Swells"- The Aislers Set

  13. "Winter A Go-Go"- Yo La Tengo

  14. "London Madrid"- The Aislers Set

  15. "Mellow Song"- Blur

  16. "Divine Hammer"- The Breeders

  17. "Melissa Juice"- Boards of Canada

  18. "That's Alright Mama"- Elvis Presley

  19. "Hey Baby"- Bruce Channel

  20. "Put A Little Love In Your Heart"- Jackie DeShannon

  21. "Private Eyes"- Hall and Oates

  22. "Friday On My Mind"- The Easybeats

  23. "Strawberry Letter 23"- Shuggie Otis

  24. "Happy Man"- Sparklehorse

(days demands)
  1. "Under the Milky Way"- The Church

  2. "Jolene"- The White Stripes

  3. "The Whole World"- Outkast

  4. "Annalisa"- P.I.L.

  5. "Death Disco"- P.I.L.

  6. "100 Miles and Runnin"- NWA

  7. "Straight Outta Compton"- NWA

  8. "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman"- Aretha Franklin

  9. "El Condor Pasa (If I Could)"- Simon and Garfunkel

  10. "Sealed With A Kiss"- Bryan Hyland

  11. "Gouge Away"- The Pixies

  12. "Summertime"- Mungo Jerry

  13. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"- Joy Division

  14. "No One Knows"- Queens of the Stone Age

  15. "When Kempo Strikes"- Redcloud

  16. "Saturday"- Ludacris

  17. "Dreaming of You"- The Coral

  18. "Destro"- The French Kicks

  19. "Stephanie Says"- The Velvet Underground

  20. "Simon Diamond"- The Coral

(a barrel of love/potato noise)
  1. "Master Salvatoris"- Baboon

  2. "Till the End of the Day"- The Kinks

  3. "This Charming Man"- The Smiths

  4. "Devil Pups"- Mocket

  5. "Demolish"- Unwound

  6. "Patty's Trip"- The Replikants

  7. "Petals Like Bricks"- Unwound

  8. "Enter the Empire of the Ants"- Paul Newman

  9. "Fire Engine Red"- Boys Life

  10. "Scene Not Herd"- Unwound

  11. "Sugar On My Tongue"- Talking Heads

  12. "Handsome Devil"- The Smiths

  13. "Should It Wait"- Mocket

  14. "All Souls Day"- Unwound

  15. "Money"- The Causey Way

  16. "October All Over"- Unwound

  17. "Valentine Card"- Unwound

  18. "Bionic Parts"- Mocket

  19. "Message Received"- Unwound

  20. "Daddy Never Understood"- Deluxx Folk Implosion

  21. "December"- Unwound

  22. "Lady Elect"- Unwound

  23. "Its a Man's Man's World"- James Brown

  24. "A Quarter's Worth"- Boys Life

  25. "Anything With A Mind"- Worst Case Scenerio

perchance to dream)
  1. "Pink Moon"- Nick Drake

  2. "Colour Me In"- Broadcast

  3. "Dr. Pepper"- American Analog Set

  4. "Kiss Me"- Sixpence None the Richer

  5. "Stucco"- Calexico

  6. "Blue Jay Way"- The Beatles

  7. "Young Pilgrims"- The Shins

  8. "What You Want"- My Bloody Valentine

  9. "Winter Now"- Broadcast

  10. "Green Onions"- Booker T and the MGs

  11. "The News (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Microsoft)"- Deltron3030

  12. "Sweet Surrender"- Sarah McLachlan

  13. "Before We Begin"- Broadcast

  14. "Tomorrow Never Knows"- Noel Gallagher, Johnny Marr and Cornershop

  15. "Green Typewriters"- Olivia Tremor Control

  16. "Project Loop"- The Album Leaf

  17. "No Name"- Elliot Smith

  18. "Obscured"- Smashing Pumpkins

  19. "Oh Me (live)"- Nirvana

  20. "Porpoise Song"- The Monkees

  21. "Sonata For Loudspeakers"- Unwound

  22. "Tremens"- Sonic Youth

  23. "Undenied"- Portishead

  24. "As I Rise"- The Decemberists

(urban murderers and martini drinkers)
  1. "Green Typewriters"- Olivia Tremor Control

  2. "Gus the Mynah Bird"- Stereolab

  3. "Drake"- Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man

  4. "Cruel"- Enon

  5. "Lost Someone"- James Brown

  6. "Children of the Revolution"- T Rex

  7. "I Burn"- Toadies

  8. "Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money in my Hand"- Primitive Radio Gods

  9. "Starcastic"- Enon

  10. "Still Feels Like Tears"- Broadcast

  11. "Digital"- Joy Division

  12. "Swallow"- My Bloody Valentine

  13. "Shave"- Enon

  14. "Doin"- John Reuben

  15. "Soft Serve"- Soul Coughing

  16. "Ghost Highway"- Mazzy Star

  17. "Kissing the Lipless"- The Shins

  18. "One Inch Rock"- T Rex

  19. "Boo"- Pinback

  20. "I Will Follow"- U2

  21. "Seaweed"- The Fruit Bats

  22. "Party With Me Punker"- The Minutemen

  23. "Roi (reprise)"- The Breeders

promotional demonstration copy #3

  1. "Cyclic"- Jazzanova

  2. "Celia Inside"- The Cardigans

  3. "Tyler"- The Toadies

  4. "Crash"- Folk Implosion

  5. "Miss Modular"- Stereolab

  6. "Two by Two"- Quasi

  7. "The Object"- MC Honky

  8. "Pigeon"- Cannibal Ox

  9. "Asleep From Day"- Chemical Brothers and Hope Sandoval

  10. "Outside Blasts"- Circulatory System

  11. "Daughter In the House of Fools"- Enon

  12. "The Politics of Time"- The Minutemen

  13. "Something Must Break"- Joy Division

  14. "What Difference Does It Make?"- The Smiths

  15. "Man of Mystery"- The Shadows

  16. "All the Same"- Quasi

  17. "Alison"- Slowdive

  18. "Blizzard of '77"- Nada Surf

  19. "Last Broadcast"- The Doves

  20. "Everybody's Happy Nowadays"- The Buzzcocks

  21. "NY Is Good"- BS2000

  22. "Peace Pipe"- The Shadows

  23. "Iron Galaxy"- Cannibal Ox

(promotional demonstration #1)

  1. "Before We Begin"- Broadcast

  2. "Tally Ho!"- The Clean

  3. "Twenty Four Hours"- Joy Division

  4. "Swallow"- My Bloody Valentine

  5. "International Colouring Contes"- Stereolab

  6. "Sonnet No. 3 (Like A Duck)"- MC Honky

  7. "Snow"- Chokebore

  8. "Ominous Cloud"- Broadcast

  9. "Don't Dream Its Over"- Sixpence None the Richer

  10. "Police"- Chokebore

  11. "So Young"- The Stone Roses

  12. "I'm Feeling Good"- Holly Golightly

  13. "Sunny Sundae Smile"- My Bloody Valentine

  14. "The Electric Co."- U2

  15. "Transmission"- Joy Division

  16. "It's All Me"- Holly Golightly

  17. "Chicago New York"- The Aislers Set

  18. "Days of Nothing"- Chokebore

  19. "Love Will Tear Us Apart (BBC version)"- Joy Division

  20. "Supa Ninjaz"- Cappadonna (f. U-God and Method Man)

  21. "Ceremony (Joy Division cover)"- Galaxie 500

(promotional demonstration copy #2)

  1. "Randy Scouse Git"- The Monkees

  2. "Kiss"- Prince

  3. "Your Ice Cream Is Ready"- Mocket

  4. "Bizarre Love Triangle"- New Order

  5. "Beercan"- Beck

  6. "OK- No Way"- Mission of Burma

  7. "Creeque Alley"- The Mamas and the Papas

  8. "Hypocrite"- Lush

  9. "Rock With You"- Michael Jackson

  10. "Chelsea Hotel No. 2"- Leonard Cohen

  11. "Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)"- Frente!

  12. "Beautiful Girl"- INXS

  13. "Funky Good Time"- James Brown

  14. "Centerfold"- J. Geils Band

  15. "Passenger"- Iggy Pop

  16. "Nothing's Gonna Stop"- Folk Implosion

  17. "Morning Glory (unplugged)- Oasis

  18. "Breathe Your Name"- Sixpence None the Richer

  19. "Enslavement Blues (Will It Ever Be Quiet)"- The International Noise Conspiracy

  20. "Know It All"- Lagwagon

  21. "Compton's N The House (Remix)"- NWA

  22. "Live Forever (acoustic)"- Oasis

  23. "Porpoise Song"- The Monkees

(winds will blow)

  1. "You Go Girl"- David Cross

  2. "Loomer"- My Bloody Valentine

  3. "Los Angeles, I'm Yours"- The Decemberists

  4. "Young Pilgrims"- The Shins

  5. "Mr Dobalina"- Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

  6. "Baby Elephant Rock-a-Bye"- MC Honky

  7. "Iron Man"- The Cardigans

  8. "Last Match"- The Aislers Set

  9. "Should A Cloud Replace a Compass?"- Circulatory System

  10. "The Chimney Sweep"- The Decemberists

  11. "Away"- The Toadies

  12. "Lonely"- Frente!

  13. "Sea of Love"- Catpower

  14. "Man In Black"- Johnny Cash

  15. "Trying to Get to You"- Elvis Presley

  16. "How Long?"- Circulatory System

  17. "Land, Sea and Air"- Appliance

  18. "Over the Water"- The Cardigans

  19. "Lipstick"- The Buzzcocks

  20. "The Wagon"- Dinosaur Jr.

  21. "Oceans"- Pearl Jam

  22. "There Is A Mountain"- Donovan

  23. "Searchin"- The Coasters

  24. "Who We Be"- DMX

(For You Blue (part 2))
  1. "Don't Worry Baby"- The Beach Boys
  2. "Jeepster"- T. Rex
  3. "Maps"- The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. "Never My Love"- The Association
  5. "Closer To You"- The Wallflowers
  6. "In My Life"- The Beatles
  7. "Off Your Face"- My Bloody Valentine
  8. "Turn Turn Turn"- The Byrds
  9. "My Darling"- Wilco
  10. "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea"- Neutral Milk Hotel
  11. "If I Could Talk I'd Tell You (acoustic)"- Evan Dando
  12. "At Your Best"- Alliyah
  13. "Try Me"- James Brown
  14. "All My Life"- Evan Dando
  15. "L'Aquoiboniste"- Jane Birkin
  16. "Days Like These"- The Polyphonic Spree
  17. "Just The Way You Are"- Billy Joel
  18. "The Way You Do the Things You Do"- The Temptations
  19. "Killian's Red"- Nada Surf
  20. "Runaway"- Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

(the whirly bird digs the worms)
  1. "Can you come down with us?"- Olivia Tremor Control
  2. "Two Girls Kissin"- The Swirlies
  3. "Couleur Cafe"- Serge Gainsbourgh
  4. "House of Pancake"- The Swirlies
  5. "Pig"- Sparklehorse
  6. "The Sprawl"- Sonic Youth
  7. "Sarah Sitting"- The Swirlies
  8. "Super Falling Star"- Stereolab
  9. "Blue Cafe"- The Style Council
  10. "Superstition"- Stevie Wonder
  11. "Sick of Goodbyes"- Sparklehorse
  12. "I Dream I Dreamed"- Sonic Youth
  13. "Pancake Cleaner"- The Swirlies
  14. "Confusion Is Next"- Sonic Youth
  15. "Star Power"- Sonic Youth
  16. "People Do It All the Time"- Stereolab
  17. " 'Cross the Breeze"- Sonic Youth
  18. "Washer"- Slint

(Hammerkill Elementary State School Fight Songs)
  1. "Blue Jay Way"- The Beatles
  2. "Candy Cane Children"- The White Stripes
  3. "Cheese and Onions"- Galaxie 500
  4. "Carousel of Progress"- The Causey Way
  5. "Petition the Lord with Prayer"- The Doors
  6. "Ruby Baby"- Dion
  7. "Sleepwalker"- Johnny and Santo
  8. "Gretchen Ross"- Donnie Darko Soundtrack
  9. "Inside"- Patti Rothberg
  10. "Troubled Mind"- Dion
  11. "Panic"- The Smiths
  12. "Ball and Biscuit"- The White Stripes
  13. "Man Is Not A Bird"- Broadcast
  14. "D-7 (Wipers cover)"- Nirvana
  15. "Can't Hardly Wait"- The Replacements
  16. "Another Space Song"- Failure
  17. "Bullet to Binary"- Me Without You
  18. "Danelectro 3 (Kit Clayton remix)"- Yo La Tengo
  19. "Fade Into You"- Mazzy Star
  20. "Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover)"- Neil Young
  21. "No Need To Worry"- Folk Implosion
  22. "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate"- Mission of Burma
  23. "Echoes Myron"- Guided By Voices
  24. "Guns Before Butter"- Gang of Four

(supersonic yearbook)
  1. "Do You Remember Walter"- The Kinks
  2. "For the Love of Ivy"- The Mamas and Papas
  3. "Solar System"- The Microphones
  4. "Candle"- Sonic Youth
  5. "Androgynous"- The Replacements
  6. "Pepper"- The Butthole Surfers
  7. "Voices In the Rain"- The Wipers
  8. "In A Future Age"- Wilco
  9. "One Headlight"- The Wallflowers
  10. "She's A Jar"- Wilco
  11. "Here She Comes Now"- The Velvet Underground
  12. "Vicar In A Tutu"- The Smiths
  13. "The Hermit Crab"- The Lilys
  14. "Blank Generation"- Richard Hell and the Voidoids
  15. "We Will Become Silouhettes"- The Shins
  16. "Grinding Halt"- The Cure
  17. "Tall Ships"- The Swirlies
  18. "Fashionably Uninvited"- Mellowdrone
  19. "My Drug Buddy (acoustic)"- Evan Dando (w/Juliana Hatfield)
  20. "Infinity Girl"- Stereolab
  21. "Old Paul"- MC Paul Barman
  22. "Let's Dance On"- The Monkees
  23. "Heat Wave"- Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

(bad moon risin)

  1. "Suicide"- The Beatles
  2. "Bad Reputation"- Joan Jett
  3. "Twist and Shout"- The Beatles
  4. "That's Alright Mama"- Elvis Presley
  5. "Where Water Flows"- Calexico
  6. "Eight Miles High"- The Byrds
  7. "Wonderwall"- Oasis
  8. "Sweet Jane"- Cowboy Junkies
  9. "Jolene"- Dolly Parton
  10. "You Can't Do That"- The Beatles
  11. "Ain't That a Kick in the Head"- Dean Martin
  12. "Pleasure and Privilage"- Enon
  13. "Bang A Gong (Get It On)"- T Rex
  14. "Get Ready"- Temptations
  15. "Ten Crack Commandments"- Notorious BIG
  16. "Cross Bones Style"- Catpower
  17. "You're Lost Little Girl"- The Doors
  18. "Tusk (live)"- Fleetwood Mac
  19. "Automatic"- The Go Go's
  20. "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly"- Missy Elliot
  21. "Atomic Dog"- George Clinton
  22. "Flying Birds"- RZA
  23. "Tragedy"- RZA
  24. "Subbacultcha"- The Pixies
  25. "Sympathy For the Devil"- The Rolling Stones

(replace with something better/burn it to the ground)
  1. "Mad World"- Tears For Fears

  2. "The Killing Moon"- Echo and the Bunnymen

  3. "Happy"- PIL

  4. "Academy Fight Song"- Mission of Burma

  5. "Head Over Heels"- Tears For Fears

  6. "Love = Building On Fire"- Talking Heads

  7. "Automatic"- The Go-Go's

  8. "Notorious"- Duran Duran

  9. "You're Still Beautiful"- The Church

  10. "Love Will Tear Us Apart"- Joy Division

  11. "I'm So Sorry"- The Smiths

  12. "Elephant Stone"- The Stone Roses

  13. "Under the Milky Way"- The Church

  14. "Strawberry Wine"- My Bloody Valentine

  15. "That's When I Reached For My Revolver"- Mission of Burma

  16. "Welcome to the Working Week"- Elvis Costello

  17. "I Want to Be Adored"- The Stone Roses

  18. "Mad World"- Gary Jules

  19. "Handsome Devil"- The Smiths

  20. "5:45"- Gang of Four

  21. "But I'm Not"- Cocteau Twins

  22. "Forget"- Mission of Burma

a taste for us all

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