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a "get out and get over it" mix [23 May 2006|03:11am]

So my very very amazing and best friend made me this CD. It's titled: "Your mom and ex-girlfriend suck so these songs hate on them and give you hope because you have the bestest friend in the world: me, to make you such an awesome mix!". I'd been having troubles with both, obviously, and this cheered me up immensely.
The song list is also very very amazing, and is as follows:
1. Brand New//I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
2. Taking Back Sunday//MakeDamnSure
3. Sleater-Kinney//Jumpers
4. The Smiths//There is a Light That Never Goes Out
5. Taking Back Sunday//You're So Last Summer (It should be noted that neither of us are really fans of TBS, but their emo-ness is vastly appreciated in times such as this :-P)
6. Death Cab for Cutie//For What Reason
7. Blonde Redhead//A Cure
8. Stereophonics//Maybe Tomorrow
9. Placebo//Because I Want You
10. Interpol//Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
11. Say Anything//Alive With the Glory of Love
12. Bright Eyes//At the Bottom of Everything
13. Johnny Cash feat. June Carter Cash//It Ain't Me, Babe
14. Broken Social Scene//Swimmers
15. The Shins//Pink Bullets
16. The Smashing Pumpkins//Perfect

To the tune of... [19 Jun 2005|10:54pm]

My gosh it's been forever since I've posted here! Anyway - I have a situation. My friend and I are in an awkward situation. We're not mad at eachother or anything but she's really been upsetting me lately with some stuff she's done. Like dating a guy who she doesn't need to be with. He's using her for sex and other things and I try to tell her that she needs to end it with him but she just won't listen to me.
I need songs along the line of "hey he's not right/good for you" "you're my best friend and I love you to death but you're killing me" "i'm hating this" "i'll always be there for you" and any songs that relate. Any genre will do. Please help me with this. This is what I have so far -
Seventy times 7 by Brand New
My Best Friend by Weezer
Hannah Hold On by The Get Up Kids
It's Been Awhile by Staind
Until the Day I Die by Story of the Year
What we hate, we make by The Rocket Summer
You Fault by Plain White T's
Good Riddance by Green Day
How's it going to be by Third Eye Blind
Soco Amaretto Line - Brand New
Tribute - Tenacious D
Karate - Tenacious D
Bleed For You - Hidden in Plain View
Break Myself - Something Corporate
From California - The New Amsterdams
Science Fiction - Rufio

I have the two Tenacious D songs on there because we laugh our butts off when we listen to them so I figured I'd put some humor in it. Anyway - all help is appreciated and thank you SOOO much in advance!
x-posted like a mother.

[08 Apr 2005|05:35pm]


the crossed post [13 Apr 2004|01:52am]

[ mood | tired ]

(to whomever may discern)

enclosed within this letter are tracklistings of almost every mix CD I've made within the past winter (and early spring) months....they are, as always, offered to anyone who might want a copy or comments spanning the usual range of "almost cool" to "what the hell is all that about?"....so if anyone might want to take a look feel free to comment, criticize, request, spy, analyze, or otherwise question my dubious motives......so herein contains the list just past the clickable link underneath....good day to everyone (mint tea) and good nights (rice pudding) feel free to sign on the dotted bass line.......

the subtle events define everythingCollapse )


[28 Jan 2004|04:00pm]

no, you cant be funky if you havn't got a soul

mirah - cold cold water
spoon - all the pretty girls go to the city
peaches - hot rod
the black heart procession - a heart like mine
blonde redhead - gainsbourg jewish music
y pants - what do you take me for?
magas - blind contact
wire - i dont understand
HORSE the band - cutsman
these arms are snakes - drinking from the necks of the ones you love
ghosts and vodka - good luck with your multiple personalities
bush tetras - cant be funky
the unicorns - ghost mountain
M83 - run into flowers
mum - now there's that fear again
i am the world trade center - metro (athens mix)
xiu xiu - pink city
!!! - kookooka fuk-u
erase errata - french canadis
xbxrx - chow mein alpha
spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
the magnetic fields - lets pretend we're bunny rabbits

please help [25 Jan 2004|09:35pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hi kidds! I have a request. :x I want to make a mix for someone I love. I know there is a lot of songs out there but I want songs along the lines of 'I love you, but you don't know it' 'you're the world to me' 'I'd die with you'. If you guys know of any particular good ones, please let me know! Thanks!
Sorry for xposting.


[13 Dec 2003|10:32pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

songs about broken friendships or friendships that are slowly burning and it hurts like crazy? please. (sorry for x-posting)


I Keep the Bees [08 Dec 2003|02:24am]

[ mood | working ]

emilio the kid

(the dancing criminals in the park)

  1. "We Used To Be Friends"- Dandy Warhols

  2. "Always On My Mind"- Phantom Planet

  3. "Throw Down"- Dinosaur Jr.

  4. "Magic Hour"- The Fruit Bats

  5. "Langour In the Balcony"- The Aislers Set

  6. "The Recluse"- Cursive

  7. "Sally Cinnamon"- The Stone Roses

  8. "Rain On Tin"- Sonic Youth

  9. "Buena Vista"- The Starlight Mints

  10. "Little Triggers"- Elvis Costello

  11. "Once In A While"- The Smashing Pumpkins

  12. "If I Were Going"- The Afghan Whigs

  13. "Boring Machines Disturb Sleep"- Mogwai

  14. "Stop Playing Guitar"- The Promise Ring

  15. "Art Is Hard"- Cursive

  16. "Beauty Lies In the Eye"- Sonic Youth

  17. "Comfort Me"- Sparklehorse

  18. "Hospital"- Earlimart

  19. "Cut Dead"- The Jesus and Mary Chain

  20. "The Swimmer"- Sleater-Kinney

  21. "Explain"- Julie Doiron

  22. "This Is Our Sound"- Ladytron

  23. "Unwind"- Sonic Youth

continuing adventures in mixology (addendum #2)Collapse )

I'm A Nutritional Overachiever [06 Dec 2003|05:01pm]

[ mood | amused ]

dark gray matter of fact

a list of most of the mix CDs I've made in the last 4 or 5 months.... any are available if anyone wants...and of course songs can be replaced (pretty understandable) with songs off other CDs or anything else I might have.... it doesn't seem like people often get taken up on the offer to trade or take a CD.... but its worth a try, I guess

a complete examination of the factsCollapse )


help! [05 Dec 2003|07:20pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

ok i'm in a horrible situation...i'm in love with this kid at school, his name is kevin, and he's one of my really good friends and he doesn't know i like him more than a friend. well, his girlfriend, who he's madly in love with, dumped him this morning because she's going off to college and he's really depressed, so i thought i'd make him a mix telling him everything is going to be alright and i'd always be there for him. and i also want to sneak in some kind of hint that i like him as well. please, post some songs that you might know, any genre will do and i'll love you forever!! thanks! <3 (sorry for x-posting)


[26 Nov 2003|03:38pm]

looking for songs taht say: i hate you.

a friend, not a boyfriend.


this may be the most demented, bizzare and f***ed up mix I have ever made (even by my standards) [25 Nov 2003|05:28am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Girlschool "Emergency"
MOTO "I am a Bomb"
the Rolling Stones "Sing This All Together (See What Happens)"
Andrea True Connection "More More More"
the Jazz Epistles "Scullery Department"
Solex "Mere Impostors"
the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "I Won't Hurt You"
Iron and Wine "Weary Memory"
the Runabouts "The Strangeness in Me"
Henri Rene and His Orchestra "Sleepwalk"
the Boredoms "Pukulee and Rikulee"
the Clash "Listen"
Gaunt "Jim Motherf***er"
the Von Bondies "Sound of Terror"
Flaming Ember "Mind, Body and Soul"
Le Tigre and DJ Ham and Cheese on Rye "Mediocrity Rules (41 Small Stars Mix)"
Delta 5 "Try"
Belle and Sebastian "Final Day"
the Box Tops "She Shot a Hole in My Soul"
XTC "Chain of Command"
Po! "A Bigger Wall"
R.E.M. "Half a World Away"


if i were a fat kid i'd love cake...but i'm not, so i love you [16 Nov 2003|12:19am]

[ mood | lonely ]

i need some songs about falling in love with your best friend and not being able to tell them. and also just some really emotional love songs. i don't care what genre! thanks in advance!!!! <33 sorry for x-posting! :c)


x-posted like whoa! sorry [12 Nov 2003|09:06pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

hey kiddies! i want to make a mix for my best friend in the whole world! just something really sweet that says i appreciate her friendship/she means a lot/i love her/thanks for everything/and we've got wonderful memories. ya know...stuff like that...i don't care what genre...i just want to get the point out to her!! please help! thanks in advance!!! <333


mm-hmm. [10 Nov 2003|01:06pm]

frou-frou foxes in midsummer fires.

chara : yasashii kimochi
urge overkill : dropout
the shins : pressed in a book
french kicks : destro
april march : mon petit ami
the white stripes : apple blossom
the new pornographers : the body says no
the dears : lost in the plot
dandy warhols : you were the last high
go sailor : ray of sunshine
sondre lerche : modern nature
ladybug transistor : like a summer rain
elf power : will my feet still carry me home
francoise hardy : tous les garcons et les filles
kings of convenience : toxic girl
the velvet underground : ride into the sun
stereolab : cybele's reverie
cocteau twins : heaven or las vegas
my bloody valentine : only shallow
the microphones : karl blau

yoh [07 Nov 2003|09:12am]
i need some songs that have elizabeth, or liz, and lizzy in the title or just in the song. i'm making a mix for my friend elizabeth. i have ben kweller - lizzy & the eels - elizabeth on the bathroom floor.


i need help :/ [01 Nov 2003|04:30pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Hey ya'll. I got in an argument with my friend the other day, and I really screwed up some things between us. She's like my really good friend, but now she really isn't talking to me. If you guys know any songs that could somehow relate to this, please let me know! Or any that say, "I'm sorry you hate me" Ya know, stuff like that! I'd really appreciate it and I'd love you forever and day! Thanks kids!! <3


Mixes on the Run [30 Oct 2003|05:21am]

[ mood | tired ]

Yep, I've wasted more time in my life and cooked up two more mix CD-R's. Not that anyone cares. I can't make just one when two have beautiful symmetry. Actually, I'm not 100% sold on these mixes; a few more listens are needed.

-Feel Good for Now-

Johnny Pate "Auto Chase" (from -Brother on the Run- soundtrack)
the White Stripes "Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me?"
the Neats "6"
the Danielson Family "A No No"
the Fairfield Four "I'll Be So Happy"
People Like Us "Swinglargo"
Dizzy Gillespe "Oh Lady Be Good"
Nikka Costa "Like a Feather"
the Social Climbers "Hello Texas"
the Rip Tides "Machine Gun"
Devo "Blockhead"
Neutral Milk Hotel "Everything Is"
Ornette Coleman "Tears Inside"
Damon and Naomi with Ghost "The New World"
the Soul Children "The Sweeter He Is (Parts 1 and 2)
Todd Rundgren "The Verb 'To Love'"
the Radio Sweethearts "We're Falling Out of Love Again"
Jimmie Lee "Look What Love Can Do"
Jennifer Trynin "Better Than Nothing"
the Friendly Hopefuls "Salute the Punks of 1976"

That last track is a "Stars on 45" type medley of UK punk hits (no lie!). Yeah, it's real, recorded in the 80's in England. The first track is great 70's movie funk. The Jimmie Lee track is a nice Everly Brothers style rockabilly harmony record from the late 50's sometime. The Dizzy Gillespe cut is an actual vocal from the jazz great (courtesy of the -American Splendor- soundtrack). "Everything Is" is Neutral Hotel's first (non-LP) single. The Devo is an early recording - one of their best.


Frank Sinatra "Someone to Watch Over Me"
Jimmy Castor "Poor Loser"
Scritti Politti "The Sweetest Girl"
Bjork "Human Behavior"
Gerty Farish "Kiki Riki"
Suicide "Dream Baby Dream"
the Dishes "Shotgun"
the Montanas "That's When Happiness Begins"
the Salvation Army "She Turns to Flowers"
Holly Golightly "I Can't Be Trusted"
Blind Willie McTell "Talking to Your Mama"
Elliot Smith "Division Day"
the Cryers "Shake It Up (Isn't It Time)"
the Jean Paul Sarte Experience "Block"
the Bar Kays "Holy Ghost"
Ennio Morricone "Ad Ogni Costo (At Any Cost)"
Dave Dudley "Six Days on the Road"
Richard Hell and the Voidoids "I'm Your Man"
the Lapse "Secondhand Smoke"
Steve Hillage "It's All Too Much"
Able Tasmans "Sour Queen"
DM3 "TV Sound"

Too many late 70's New York punk classics on this one. Too much 70's, period. Also, too many the's. Hillage is covering the great not-so-well-known psychedelic Beatles classic from the -Yellow Submarine- soundtrack. "TV Sound" is one of the great power pop hits most people have't heard from one of the great power pop bands most people haven't heard of (in the US, anyway. The DM3 are Austrailian). The Elliot Smith cut is a semi-rare single he recorded for an indie label after signing to a major. Salvation Army was the original name of the 3 O'Clock (guess who forced them to change it?)


[26 Oct 2003|12:13am]

do the robot
gravy train-sippin 40z
a.r.e weapons-new york muscle
outkast-hey ya
hot hot heat-le le low
belle and sebastian-le pastie de la bourgeoise
blonde redhead-violent life
i am robot and proud-saturday afternoon plans
jejune-the new state
built to spill-big dipper
pretty girls make graves-speakers push air
jets to brazil-one summer last fall
yo la tengo-moonrock mambo
le tigre-eau d'bedroom dancing
q and not u-and the washington monument blinks goodnight
le shok-do the dramatic
murder city devils-dance hall music
jawbreaker-i love you so much its killing us both
les savy fav-hide me from next february
melt-banana-free the bee
the mars volta-inertiatic esp
deerhoof-get along with little doggies
the pixies-distance = rate x time
world/inferno friendship society-just the best party
elliot smith-roman candle

this was a mix for my friend foreverwasnever, so some of the songs may have been on my previous mix i posted.

[23 Oct 2003|08:07am]
i need some songs about drug addiction, alcoholism, being addicted; etc.

not that i AM addicted to anything.. i'm just want to make a new mix.

[21 Oct 2003|10:15pm]

shake it like a polaroid picture
i. a.r.e weapons-headbanger face
ii. outkast-hey ya
iii. le tigre-deceptacon
iv. the faint-take me to the hospital
v. gonzales-gonna get off rightaway
vi. big tymers-still fly
vii. yeah yeah yeahs-bang
viii. aesop rock-flashflood
ix. the dismemberment plan-the ice of boston
x. neon king kong-mix up the mix
xi. gravy train!!!!-sippin' 40'z
xii. the mars volta-inertiatic esp
xiii. the blood brothers-cecilia and the silhouette saloon (live)
xiv. bikini kill-i like fucking
xv. hot hot heat-le le low
xvi. blur-parklife
xvii. jejune-radical firepower
xviii. paul oakenfold-starry eyed surprise
xix. fischerspooner-emerge (daft punk remix)
xx. !!! (chik chik chik)-there's no fucking rules

by the way, im new.

x-posted...sorry! [12 Oct 2003|08:30pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

hey kidds! i need some songs that are along the lines of, "i like you so much that i'm almost stalking you" or "i know everything about you, but you don't even know my name" or "i love you, but i can never have you" i can't think of any songs at all. any genre will do, and i'd really appreciate the help!! thanks <3 <3 <3


[09 Oct 2003|11:16pm]

this is a mix i made for a_15k_grace.


W.I.T. : just what i needed
ANDRE 3000 : hey ya!
ELECTRIC SIX : danger!
YEAH YEAH YEAHS : our time
STEREO TOTAL : i love you, ono
DEERHOOF : holy night fever
APRIL MARCH : chick habit
THE MAGNETIC FIELDS : i don't want to get over you
ELEFANT : make up
SLOAN : everything you've done wrong
MIRAH : the garden
SCISSOR SISTERS : it can't come quickly enough
THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTORL : i have been floated
THE DELGADOS : favours

fuck themes, they're so emomixtape.

HEY [04 Oct 2003|11:53pm]

mix for karly.
most of it goes together rather well.

a; time
01. modest mouse - never ending math equation
02. american analog set - come home baby julie, come home
03. elliot smith - christian brother
04. built to spill - the weather
05. super furry animals - fragile happiness
06. bob dylan - maggie's farm
07. dear nora - since you went away
08. deerhoof - adam + eve connection
09. david bowie - moonage daydream
10. the divine comedy - perfect lovesong
11. interpol - pda
12. scout niblett - into
13. piano outro


b; distance
01. the smiths - william, it was really nothing
02. of montreal - panda bear
03. the rapture - dumb waiters
04. joy division - day of the lords
05. quasi - mammon
06. bjork - mother heroic
07. maneshevitz - beachcombing for the holidays
08. julie doiron - faites de beaux reves
09. hilmar örn hilmarsson - colours
10. outro
12. outkast - spread

ehh, but i really don't like song 11a anymore.

Cause even your smile break my heart.... [02 Oct 2003|06:11pm]

[ mood | thirsty ]

I need songs that mention smiles or smile or smiling. please! any genre will do! thanks! <3


hullo hullo / goodbye goodnite [25 Sep 2003|04:14pm]

[ mood | blargh-like ]

I've been a bad poster/user/drug-abuser

to make up, here's a mix.

The story thus far:
Boy met girl.
Girl met boy.
Both (kinda) ignored each other.
Time passed.
Boy met girl and viceversa again
Boy liked girl; Girl liked boy.
Girl had only 2 weeks or so left on Boy's country.
Promises were made, goodbyes were said.

So, I whipped up something that could tell this girl all the things that were left unsaid, and all the things that could be, etc etc amen.

Hello, Farewell (you'll be missed, till we meet again) mix
1. Tahiti 80 - 1,000 times
2. The Sounds - Seven Days a Week
3. The Postal Service - Brand New Colony
4. Manitoba - Hendrix with ko
5. Thievery Corporation - shadows of ourselves
6. PJ Harvey - a place called home
7. The microphones - I felt your shape
8. White Stripes - we're going to be friends
9. Wilco - heavy metal drummer
10. Duncan Sheik - on a high
11. the Weakerthans - confessions of a futon revolutionist
12. bright eyes - the city has sex
13. Weezer - across the sea
14. Smashing Pumpkins - muzzle
15. Q and not U - when the lines go down
16. Ash - walking barefoot
17. pretty girls make graves - speakers push air
18. hot hot heat - get in or get out
19. the detachment kit - sitting still, talking bout Jets
20. Broken Social Scene - kc accidental
21. The Shins - Pressed in a book
22. Nada Surf - End Credits
23. ..Trail of Dead - Source Tags & Codes

*le sigh*

I ended up liking the mix more than I should've


Vertigo_X, surfeando en la nada


feeling helpless [17 Sep 2003|09:49pm]

[ mood | calm ]

hello. i feel bad for asking this but i have no good music i lost EVERYTHING that i had saved on my computer. which sucks. i had some awesome songs, and i don't have a CD burner because my hard drive on that computer is broken, and my tape recorder died a few years back. i need music. i've gone forever without anything good to listen to. the radio and old CD's are getting boring, if anyone would be really nice and make me a mix tape or CD, (don't care which) i would really appreciate it. i promise you that i will somehow make it up to you. maybe when i fix my tape recorder or buy a new hard drive? i don't know. but please! i need music!! thanks!!


contract in our mutual interest [13 Sep 2003|10:20pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Mixed Variety Compact Discs

(promotional demonstration #1)

  1. "Before We Begin"- Broadcast

  2. "Tally Ho!"- The Clean

  3. "Twenty Four Hours"- Joy Division

  4. "Swallow"- My Bloody Valentine

  5. "International Colouring Contes"- Stereolab

  6. "Sonnet No. 3 (Like A Duck)"- MC Honky

  7. "Snow"- Chokebore

  8. "Ominous Cloud"- Broadcast

  9. "Don't Dream Its Over"- Sixpence None the Richer

  10. "Police"- Chokebore

  11. "So Young"- The Stone Roses

  12. "I'm Feeling Good"- Holly Golightly

  13. "Sunny Sundae Smile"- My Bloody Valentine

  14. "The Electric Co."- U2

  15. "Transmission"- Joy Division

  16. "It's All Me"- Holly Golightly

  17. "Chicago New York"- The Aislers Set

  18. "Days of Nothing"- Chokebore

  19. "Love Will Tear Us Apart (BBC version)"- Joy Division

  20. "Supa Ninjaz"- Cappadonna (f. U-God and Method Man)

  21. "Ceremony (Joy Division cover)"- Galaxie 500

(promotional demonstration copy #2)

  1. "Randy Scouse Git"- The Monkees

  2. "Kiss"- Prince

  3. "Your Ice Cream Is Ready"- Mocket

  4. "Bizarre Love Triangle"- New Order

  5. "Beercan"- Beck

  6. "OK- No Way"- Mission of Burma

  7. "Creeque Alley"- The Mamas and the Papas

  8. "Hypocrite"- Lush

  9. "Rock With You"- Michael Jackson

  10. "Chelsea Hotel No. 2"- Leonard Cohen

  11. "Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)"- Frente!

  12. "Beautiful Girl"- INXS

  13. "Funky Good Time"- James Brown

  14. "Centerfold"- J. Geils Band

  15. "Passenger"- Iggy Pop

  16. "Nothing's Gonna Stop"- Folk Implosion

  17. "Morning Glory (unplugged)- Oasis

  18. "Breathe Your Name"- Sixpence None the Richer

  19. "Enslavement Blues (Will It Ever Be Quiet)"- The International Noise Conspiracy

  20. "Know It All"- Lagwagon

  21. "Compton's N The House (Remix)"- NWA

  22. "Live Forever (acoustic)"- Oasis

  23. "Porpoise Song"- The Monkees

(winds will blow)

  1. "You Go Girl"- David Cross

  2. "Loomer"- My Bloody Valentine

  3. "Los Angeles, I'm Yours"- The Decemberists

  4. "Young Pilgrims"- The Shins

  5. "Mr Dobalina"- Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

  6. "Baby Elephant Rock-a-Bye"- MC Honky

  7. "Iron Man"- The Cardigans

  8. "Last Match"- The Aislers Set

  9. "Should A Cloud Replace a Compass?"- Circulatory System

  10. "The Chimney Sweep"- The Decemberists

  11. "Away"- The Toadies

  12. "Lonely"- Frente!

  13. "Sea of Love"- Catpower

  14. "Man In Black"- Johnny Cash

  15. "Trying to Get to You"- Elvis Presley

  16. "How Long?"- Circulatory System

  17. "Land, Sea and Air"- Appliance

  18. "Over the Water"- The Cardigans

  19. "Lipstick"- The Buzzcocks

  20. "The Wagon"- Dinosaur Jr.

  21. "Oceans"- Pearl Jam

  22. "There Is A Mountain"- Donovan

  23. "Searchin"- The Coasters

  24. "Who We Be"- DMX


missing you [09 Sep 2003|09:49pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

hey kidds. i need some help making a mix tape for my friend who moved away. i need songs with something along the lines of
[x] i miss you so much
[x] why'd you have to move?
[x] i need you here
[x] i'm trying not to fall apart without you
[x] you're my best friend and you mean the world to me
[x] i can't wait to see you again or please come home
[x] i love you

i don't care what genre it is, i just want to express my feelings and music is the best way to do it!! thanks so much for all who help out, i owe you!
<3 (xposted, sorry)


end of summer mix. xposted [04 Sep 2003|02:14pm]

a summer wasting
1. the chiffons - locomotion
2. the shins - we will become silouettes
3. belle and sebastian - she's losin it
4. the coral - dreaming of you
5. bright eyes - the calendar hung itself
6. grandaddy - revolution
7. dandy warhols - bohemian like you
8. liz phair - divorce song
9. interpol - obstacle 1
10. the chiffons - will you still love me tomorrow
11. belle and sebastian - a summer wasting
12. the shins - caring is creepy
13. joy division - she's lost control
14. beck - debra

theres no logic to this one - just what a taste of what i've been listening to for the last few months.

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